Monday, June 17 | Tuesday, June 18 | Wednesday, June 19

Conference Deep Dive Sessions: $250 Member | $300 Non-Member
Business Rate: $700 Member | $850 Non-Member
Do What Matters Most (6-hr Workshop): $375 Member | $425 Non-Member
Getting Things Done (6-hr Workshop): $375 Member | $425 Non-Member
Six Step Process (4-hr Workshop):  $325 Member | $375 Non-Member

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Options include:
Monday | One Day Workshop Option
Do What Matters Most Workshop (6-hr)

Become introduced to three high-performance habits that individuals and organizations can use to prioritize time and focus on doing what matters most both personally and professionally. When these habits are applied in an organization it can translate into a unified vision and goals, effective strategic planning, better communication and collaboration, increased student achievement, and overall improved culture. Engage in interactive activities to jump-start you on your way to developing a personal vision and achievable goals! 

Cost: $375 Member / $425 Non-Member for the 6-hour workshop
Tuesday | Conference Deep Dive Session Options
- Tuesday | Morning Deep Dive Sessions | 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Choose from:
Finance Hot Topics

Join the TASBO Policy & Research Team and other school finance experts to learn about recent rulemaking by TEA regarding FIRST and the FASRG. Other topics will include recent activities by the attorney general’s office and what that means for bond elections, legislative updates, tax rate adoption information, and more!
Career Advancement Essentials

Where do you see yourself in three, five, or even ten years? Hear practical tips and advice to assist you in presenting your best self when you are ready for the next step in your professional journey. Examine how to answer interview questions and convince that hiring manager that you’re the one. Discuss resume development, explore pointers in updating your resume, and address important facts to include and omit. Receive tips from successful school business and operations officials as they share their stories about their journey. Activities will include mock interviews and a review of resume formats.
Operations Hot Topics

Seasoned school operations professionals will lead this workshop with topics ranging from recruiting and staffing to safety and security.
P-Card Fundamentals

Purchasing cards, or “P-cards,” can streamline both ends of the procure-to-pay process while introducing greater levels of control and visibility to the management of low-dollar, high-volume purchases. Learn how to design and implement best-in-class P-card programs by empowering program managers, developing policies, defining purchase categories, expanding the program, and engaging with suppliers strategically.
PEIMS Hot Topics

Description coming soon.
Productivity Tools

Receive guidance from the TASBO staff on various tools that can improve communication and collaboration with your team - from Teams and Excel to Trello and Miro. Examine time management best practices and ways to prioritize workloads and delegate tasks.
- Tuesday | Afternoon Deep Dive Sessions | 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Choose from:
Communication Strategies & Live Podcast

Learn practical communication strategies from a panel of experts, including best practices to engage internal and external audiences. At least one of the sessions will be recorded for TASBO's podcast.
Finance Roundtables

Have questions about school finance or your state aid template? Trying to understand the impact of the 88th legislature on your district’s budget so you can explain it to your board?  In this session, we will have experts in the area of school finance and school audits available to work with members one-on-one or in small groups.  We will troubleshoot and answer questions around your state aid calculations, your district’s budget situation, how to estimate and book settle-up, and how to scenario plan around the impact of alternative budget decisions.  Come with the questions, or come and listen to the questions your colleagues ask!
Payroll/Personnel Hot Topics

Description coming soon.

Purchasing Hot Topics

Description coming soon.

StrengthFinders for Leaders

CliftonStrengthFinders provides an individualized perspective along with a universal language by which leaders and teams can be understood. Build self-awareness of your top strengths, receive insight to how you use those strengths to work with a team, and walk away with tangible next steps for how to leverage your strengths in your day-to-day practice.
True Colors for Personal Success

The True Colors® Personal Success Workshop is a hands-on and interactive workshop that guides participants through the foundational concepts of the True Colors system as they apply to our personal and professional lives, leading to improved communication skills, a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of self and others, and more meaningful relationships. Determine your True Colors personality spectrum including your most dominant color style and learn to recognize the True Colors of others.
Wednesday | Two Workshop Options
Getting Things Done (6-hr)

The Getting Things Done® workshop, by Vital Smarts, teaches the skills you need to manage the constant flow of requests, tasks, and interruptions you encounter all day. By learning how to capture, clarify, and organize your to-do list, you are more likely to make the best decision about where to spend your time/energy and prevent critical projects from slipping through the cracks, ultimately becoming more productive. When you are equipped with those skills, you are less likely to experience stress and burnout. 

Cost: $375 Member / $425 Non-Member for the 6-hour workshop
Six Step Process (4-hr)

The Six-Step Planning Process is a simple, easy-to-learn, easy-to-teach process for solving any problem or challenge. Through this training, your leaders and teams learn the skills to solve any problem or challenge—big or small. Imagine how great it would be to have employees who are solution focused so that rather than focusing on the problem, instead they are empowered to deliver a solution and plan.

Cost: $325 Member / $375 Non-Member for the 4-hour workshop