Membership Levels

K-12 Employee Member
  $145 Annually
Open to any employee of K-12 schools. These memberships can be transferred should there be a staff change. K-12 members are eligible to vote, hold office and obtain a TASBO certification.
Education Service Provider Member (ESP)
  $145 Annually
Open to employees of not-for-profit organizations, higher education faculty/staff, Regional Service Center employees and employees of state governmental entities. These memberships can be transferred should there be a staff change. ESP members are eligible to vote, hold office and obtain a TASBO certification. 
Associate Member
  $250 Annually
Open to employees of vendors and not-for-profit organizations. Associate members are not eligible to vote, hold office or obtain a TASBO certification. 
Retired Member
  $45 Annually

Open to those who retired from a K-12 or ESP and are not otherwise employed by a for-profit entity or serving as an independent contractor for schools. Retired members cannot hold office but are eligible to vote. 
Life Membership
  Non-Dues Paying

Open to members who have been approved for this honorary membership by the Board of Directors based on criteria set out in Board policy. Outstanding service for nominees will be determined by reviewing a members commitment, contribution, and involvement in TASBO.

Criteria: The applicant must meet the requirements specified in board policy and submit a letter from their  school administrator detailing their contribution to the district. The Board may also consider Life Membership for an individual's exceptional contribution to the education profession. Please contact Tracy Ginsburg, TASBO Executive Director, for more information.

Liability Insurance

The Educators Professional Liability Insurance is a member benefit that may be purchased through TASBO.

More information HERE
Short Term Insurance Registration Form HERE
*The registration form above is for adding Professional Liability Insurance to an existing membership. A member can add insurance at any time throughout the year and begins the day TASBO processes the payment through the end of the current membership.

What the Policy Covers:
Your policy coverage runs concurrent with your present TASBO membership term for as long as the program is in effect. The Insured is defined in the policy as an active TASBO member who is an employee of a public or charter school district, ESCs, Dallas Co. Schools, Harris Co. Dept. of Educ., school district or ESC operated Cooperatives. Coverage is provided for the member in his/her capacity as an administrator or educator. The policy specifically excludes private contracts or endeavors. Coverage is available for a $50 fee. 

This policy could provide coverage for the following situations:
❖ Failure to report financial information to school district and/or board
❖ Inaccurate financial reporting
❖ Misappropriation of school district funds
❖ Inappropriate employee relationships
❖ Employment rights concerns involving dismissal, contract nonrenewal, and assignment

Rights of Membership

The right to vote shall be limited to K-12, ESP, Retired and Life members whose dues are paid for the current year. The right to have a voice in the discussion at meetings of this association shall be limited to members. Only K-12 and ESP members are eligible to hold office.

Portion of Dues

We have calculated that the percentage of membership dues for 2023-2024 that are used to, directly or indirectly, influence legislation or administrative action to be 1.4% or $2.02 per membership.