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Please contact TASBO if there are updates to your email or district as this alters your TASBO profile.
Email:  or Phone: 512.462.1711

Registration Process:
Step 1: If you’re not already signed in, please click the sign in link at the top of this page to begin.
Step 2: Verify Profile Information; Click Next
Step 3: Answer Profile Questions; Click Continue to Registration
Step 4: Select the "Register Myself" button to begin 
(you have the option to select "Register Someone Else" if you are registering multiple people from your district)
Step 5: Make Registration Selection
   -  Conference Registration Only
   -  Conference & Courses and/or Workshops Registration
   -  Courses And/or Workshops Only Registration
   -  1-Day Conference Registration
   -  1-Day Conference & Courses And/or Workshops Registration
Step 6: Scroll to add additional items to your registration by selecting "add" next to the option. This is how you will select up to one course/workshop per day.
Step 7: Check Out! (If you do not see a submit button, please refer to the cart message instructions in red to correct your registration and proceed to checkout)

Note: Any additions/changes after you submit your register must be submitted in writing to