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The TASBO Engage Conference is focused on learning, engagement, and making connections with your peers. Conference is considered Wednesday and Thursday and includes more than 150 learning sessions. Monday, Tuesday and Friday are courses only, with 108 certification course options. The conference schedule is a helpful tool to get familiar with the week's activities. 

To register:
Step 1: If you’re not already signed in, please click the sign in link at the top of this page to begin.
Step 2: Verify Profile Information; Click Next
Step 3: Answer Profile Questions; Click Continue to Registration
Step 4: Select the "Register Myself" button to begin 
(you have the option to select "Register Someone Else" if you are registering multiple people from your district)
Step 5: Make Registration Selection
   -Conference Only
   -Conference and Courses
   -Courses Only (For courses, you will need to choose up to one course per day before completing your registration)
   -One-Day Conference
Step 6: Scroll to add additional items to your registration by selecting "add" next to the option. This is how you will select up to one course per day.
Step 7: Check Out! (If you do not see a submit button, please refer to the cart message instructions in red to correct your registration and proceed to checkout)

Note: Any additions/changes after you register must be submitted in writing to
Please contact TASBO if there are updates to your email or district as this alters your TASBO profile.
Email:  or Phone: 512.462.1711