Budget Cohort for Texas District Leaders

A Partnership of TASA, TASB and TASBO

Do you have a comprehensive budget planning process? Does it include an active collaboration among all departments? Is it tied to your strategic plan? TASA, TASB and TASBO have joined together to offer budget development training for school district teams. Training will be held throughout the year at TASA, TASB and TASBO events.

The 2019-20 TASA/TASB/TASBO Texas District Leaders Budget Cohort program includes the following in-person training:

 Session 1 | September 19, 2019 | 8 AM – 4 PM | TASA/TASB Conference in Dallas

  • Focus will be on financial issues such as data, projecting state and local revenue,working with board members and appraisal districts, rollback rates, transparency andcommunication of the budget.

 Session 2 | January 29, 2020 | 12 PM – 4 PM | TASA Midwinter in Austin

  • Focus will be on collaboration among departments, tying the budget to the strategic plan,monitoring the budget and understanding the components of the state funding formula.

 Session 3 | March 3, 2020 | 8 AM – 4 PM | TASBO Annual Conference in Houston

  • Focus will be on human resources including staffing, benefits, impact of the masterschedule on staffing, collaboration on staffing between departments, campus budgetsand legal notifications.

 Session 4 | June 17, 2020 | 8 AM – 4 PM | TASBO Summer Conference in Galveston

  • Focus will be on PEIMS, economic outlook, debt management, cash flow and yourdistrict’s FIRST rating.

Attendance at TASA/TASB/TASBO Conferences, if interested in attending, requires separate registration fees.

Each of the four in-person sessions consists of training led by subject matter experts identified by TASA, TASB and TASBO. The cohort model is based upon the superintendent, chief financial officer and chief curriculum officer attending the workshops together. Two additional team members may be identified to attend the workshops at a rate of $750 per person. Completion of the program requires attendance and participation by the district for all four days of in-person training.


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This registration is for the Superintendent and two (2) district staff. Two (2) additional staff can be purchased separately for a total of five (5) registrants from one district entering the cohort. After registering, you will receive a link to a google form to submit your staff names.

9/1/2019 - 6/17/2020
Online registration not available.