2023 Summer Solutions Conference

Please read the information below before registering:


The TASBO Summer Solutions Conference is three days of learning, problem-solving, and networking. Courses will be offered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with conference workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday. Exhibits on Tuesday only. This summer event will be in Galveston and is family-friendly and casual!


ACTION: All courses/workshops need to be selected during the registration process. If someone else in your department handles the registration, you will need to let them know your course/workshop selections at the time of registration. Once submitted, ANY edits to registration need to be emailed to register@tasbo.org. *You will not be able to edit a registration online.*

1.) Sign-In to Register


2.) Select "Register Myself" if you are signed in as yourself and registering yourself. Select "Register Someone Else" if you are signed in as yourself but registering a colleague.


3.) There are 5 options for registering. You will need to select one (1) of the following options and then scroll down to select the courses/workshops of your choice to build your itinerary: Courses and Conference Workshops, Courses Only Registration, Conference Workshops Only, Courses and Do What Matters Most Workshop, and Do What Matters Most Workshop Only Registration


4.) After selecting your registration type, scroll down to go through the day/times schedule and select "Add" next to your choice to put it in your itinerary. **Make sure to pay attention to dates/times as they relate to your registration option type**

  • Courses are six (6) hours long including lunch and are offered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You can only select up to one (1) course per day. If you choose Conference Workshops & Courses, you will not be able to do a course on Tuesday, 6/13.
  • Conference Workshops on Tuesday, 6/13 will need an AM and a PM option selected for a max of six (6) CEU hours. You will need to decide on these in order to check out. You may also choose the Do What Matters Most Workshop on Wednesday. 

5.) After you have completed your selections, scroll to the bottom of the page to click, "Proceed to Checkout." If there is a conflict in your itinerary, you will see red text on your checkout page prompting you to go back and correct your itinerary. If no red text appears, enter your payment option, agree to the terms, and then press, "Submit."


HOTEL: Hotel information will be emailed upon registering beginning on Thursday, March 23. 

6/12/2023 - 6/14/2023
Online registration not available.