2022 Synergy
2022 Synergy

Synergy, co-hosted by TASBO and TCASE, is an event built to bring together finance and special education professionals to examine ways they can work together. This program, originally recorded in November 2022, kicks off with an inspirational session to encourage collaboration between teams. Other highlights include presentations by public education practitioners, respected attorneys and the Texas Education Agency to provide the most up-to-date guidelines and policies you need to know about. Register for this recorded event to learn more about these session topics:

  • Synergizing for Success
  • Contract Vs. Employee: What’s the Difference
  • SHARS Updates
  • MOE
  • Safety Considerations for Special Education and Financial Partnerships
  • Dyslexia and PIC Codes
  • Coordination of Services and Funding: Special Education with Comp Ed & CTE
  • Creative solutions for staffing

2022 Synergy
Original Presentation:
 November 2022
Presenters: Various
CEU/CPE: 8/10.5

About This Recorded Training: Presentation materials will be located in your online learning profile (which will be established after you register). No prerequisites are required to register.