TASBO Certification Overview: Four Designations
TASBO Certification Overview: Four Designations

Earning a TASBO Certification opens up opportunities for school business and operations professionals and support staff employed in Texas schools. This session will provide an overview of the TASBO certification program to help you understand how you can gain a competitive edge by becoming TASBO certified. This session will also address how to earn and maintain your certification.

Title: TASBO Certification Overview: Four Designations
Original Presentation Date: Thursday, March 30, 2023 | 10:00 AM
Presenters: Rebecca Estrada, Chief Certification Officer, TASBO; Tonya Davis, Director of Certification, TASBO
Target Audience: TASBO Members & Non-Members
About TASBO Recorded Webinars: Presentation materials will be located in your online learning via your TASBO account. No prerequisites required to register.