Paw Patrol: FLSA, K9s, Budgets & Procurement
Paw Patrol: FLSA, K9s, Budgets & Procurement

In this webinar we will address core skills and competencies needed to effectively manage your district police department’s budget, payroll, compliance with FLSA, and procurement procedures. We will explore best practices, rules, and legal requirements your district will need to be aware of and provide you with practical policies you can implement to avoid common mistakes made by school-based law enforcement officers.

Paw Patrol: FLSA, K9s, Budgets & Procurement
Original Presentation: April 25, 2024
Presenter: Blake Henshaw, Attorney at Walsh Gallegos | Christin Pacher, Attorney at Walsh Gallegos
Target Audience: CFO’s, Payroll, Purchasing, and Human Resources
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