Addressing Teacher Shortages with Foreign Workers
Addressing Teacher Shortages with Foreign Workers

Teacher shortages across the nation require school districts to develop new avenues of recruitment, especially for fill hard-to-fill positions. Foreign workers have become an important source for many districts but can also create confusion if the basic process is a mystery and your district is not prepared to respond to related inquiries. You don’t need to know immigration law, but should know how it impacts your District, your employees, and your ability to recruit new employees for hard-to-fill positions. This session is designed to help management, leadership and personnel offices understand the immigration process enough to develop effective foreign worker recruitment plans, respond to employee questions and inquires on the various process and develop internal systems that will help the district stay abreast of expiring visas.

Addressing Teacher Shortages with Foreign Workers
Original Presentation: April 23rd, 2024
Presenter: Leandra Ortiz, Attorney, Walsh Gallagos | Roxie De Santiago, Attorney Walsh Gallagos 
Target Audience: Payroll, Personnel, Management Member Benefit
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