ESSER Reporting: What's New and What's Not!
ESSER Reporting: What's New and What's Not!

TEA has launched the USDE Year Four ESSER Annual Performance Data Collection Tool! The goal of this webinar is to encourage LEA staff (ESSER Grant/Program Management, Administration/Leadership, Business/Finance) to collaborate regarding ESSER reporting requirements. Topics will focus on lessons learned from the last round of reporting requirements, new reporting requirements, the communication needed with segregated duties, utilizing finance local use codes, effective implementation of information repository systems, and gathering data for the February 16, 2024 reporting deadline.

ESSER Reporting: What's New and What's Not!
Original Presentation: January 11th, 2024
Presenter: Rebecca Estrada, RTSBA- Chief Certification Officer at TASBO | Sherry Harris-Education Specialist at Region 13 ESC
Target Audience: Curriculum/Instruction, Grant/Program Management and Finance Staff
About TASBO Recorded Webinars: Presentation materials will be located in your online learning via your TASBO account. No prerequisites are required to register.

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