Teacher Incentive Allotment: Implementation Insights
Teacher Incentive Allotment: Implementation Insights

Discover real-world insights into the implementation of the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) during our upcoming webinar. Our expert panel will share valuable insights, challenges, and achievements, providing a practical understanding of how TIA positively influences classrooms and student outcomes. Join us for a meaningful discussion about TIA's impact on education and gain actionable knowledge for your own context.

Teacher Incentive Allotment: Implementation Insights
Original Presentation: December 13th,2023
Presenter: AnnMarie Shelton, Teacher Incentive Director, Burleson ISD | Callie Poncik, Director of K-12 Instructional Supports, Academy I.S.D. | Amy Campbell, Director HR Services, TASB HR Services
Target Audience: Accounting, Payroll, Purchasing, Legislative, Management, Leadership, Executive, Management, Operations
About TASBO Recorded Webinars: Presentation materials will be located in your online learning via your TASBO account. No prerequisites are required to register.

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