Mapping Your Professional Journey Webinar Series Part 4
Mapping Your Professional Journey Webinar Series Part 4

There are so many opportunities to explore in school finance and operations! Where do you see yourself in three, five, or even ten years? Learn how to map your professional journey through this series of webinars designed to ensure that you present your best self when applying for that next opportunity. Receive tips on developing or updating your resume and submit a resume that stands out from the rest. Understand the importance of establishing your professional presence by conveying excellence, building your network, establishing your professional social media connections, and developing strong business relationships. Review the hiring process, discuss preparing for the interview, and examine answers to common interview questions that will convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the job. Finally, in the last webinar of the series, a panel of hiring experts will share the top characteristics they seek in a candidate.

Mapping Your Professional Journey Webinar Series Part 4- Tips from the Hiring Experts
Original Presentation: December 7th,2023
Presenter: Pattie Griffin, TASBO Life Member
Target Audience: Member Benefit, Management
About TASBO Recorded Webinars: Presentation materials will be located in your online learning via your TASBO account. No prerequisites are required to register.

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