ESSER's Ending in 2024: What's Next?
ESSER's Ending in 2024: What's Next?

Explore the future of education as we bid farewell to ESSER in 2024. Join our webinar to uncover the transformative changes in staffing formulas and discover strategies for ensuring educational success beyond ESSER's expiration. Gain insights, best practices, and expert perspectives on the evolving landscape of school staffing in this dynamic session.

ESSER's Ending in 2024: What's Next?
Original Presentation: December 5th, 2023
Presenter: Michele Trongaard, RTSBA, CPA, SFO- Associate Superintendent, Business & Finance at Mansfield ISD | Jonathan Pastusek, RTSBA- Chief Financial Officer at Northwest ISD
Target Audience: Accounting, Finance, Purchasing, Distribution & Inventory, Internal Auditing
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