Employee Benefits Creating a "Stay Strategy"-Part 3
Employee Benefits Creating a "Stay Strategy"-Part 3

The recent Texas Teacher Vacancy Task Force report shared some key recommendations to improve recruitment and retention. But with multiple priorities and limited resources, how do you pursue them all? Some can be pursued efficiently by looking for opportunities in the design and delivery of your employee benefits program and partnering with providers. Over 40% of educators surveyed indicated they are “just getting by.” Your district can help them feel more financially secure. During this session, we’ll discuss product solutions that can address employee needs unique to the educational community.

Title: Employee Benefits Creating a "Stay Strategy"-Part 3
Original Presentation Date: September 13th, 2023
Presenters: John Lawless, Regional Sales Manager, Group and Worksite Benefits & Jim Yale, Consultant for The Horace Mann Companies
Target Audience: Finance, Accounting, Personnel, Purchasing, Internal Audit, Budget
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