Common TRS Audit Findings & How to Avoid Them
Common TRS Audit Findings & How to Avoid Them

Has YOUR district experienced a TRS Audit….yet? If not, it is essential to know what records the TRS will request, how TRS selects LEAs for audit and what to expect before, during and after the audit process. A review of common TRS audit findings will be identified as well as strategies to avoid the errors in your LEA. Eligibility for TRS is one of the most critical audit areas. As a result, this webinar is ideal for both HR and payroll staff as both are involved directly or indirectly in the employment process to include determination of TRS eligibility, assignment of TRS position code, identification of TRS eligible compensation, payment of employer and employee contributions, and monthly reporting of 100% of the payroll disbursements.

Common TRS Audit Findings & How to Avoid Them
Original Presentation Date: May 18, 2023
Presenters: Rebecca Estrada, RTSBA, Chief Certification Officer, TASBO | Tonya Davis, RTSBA, Director of Certification
Target Audience: Finance, Accounting, Payroll, Personnel, Internal Audit
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