What to Consider Before Moving to Four-Day School Weeks
What to Consider Before Moving to Four-Day School Weeks

Several districts around the state have begun implementing some form of a 4-day school week, and others appear to be considering the move. Many considerations must be weighed, from the impact on the district’s state funding, staff work calendars and compensation, the potential for legislative changes, and most importantly, the impact on the students, families, and community members. Examine some of the more critical implications, including federal and state compliance, services for students with special needs, required instructional days and minutes for state funding, and programs such as CTE. The goal is to have you leave with a solid roadmap allowing your district to carefully deliberate the pros and cons of successfully implementing whatever calendar they choose.

What to Consider Before Moving to Four-Day School Weeks
Original Presentation Date: April 10, 2023
Presenters: Amanda Brownson, Ph.D. Associate Director Policy & Research, TASBO, and Rebecca Estrada, Chief Certification Officer, TASBO
Target Audience: Management, Finance, Accounting, Internal Audit, Personnel, Payroll, School Nutrition, Technology, Maintenance & Operations, Purchasing, Transportation, Safety, Security & Risk Management, PEIMS
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