Developing Written Travel Procedures for Your District
Developing Written Travel Procedures for Your District
Although every district may have a written School Board Policy related to travel, i.e. DEE Local, not every district may have written travel procedures regarding what travel costs are allowable and unallowable.
The EDGAR regulations, specifically §200.474, allow travel costs with federal grant funds in accordance with the district’s written travel reimbursement policies and consistent with those normally allowed in like circumstances in non-federal activities. The webinar will provide guidance related to federal (IRS & EDGAR), state and local travel-related regulations. In addition, the webinar will focus on the multitude of travel-related decisions that every district must make while developing and/or updating the written Travel Guidelines/Procedures. Sample forms and guidelines will be shared with attendees.

Developing Written Travel Procedures for Your District
Presenter: Rebecca Estrada, Education Associate TASBO
Original Presentation: September 2022

Target Audience: Purchasing, Finance, Accounting, Members/Nonmembers
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