Purchasing and Data Sharing Agreements (DSA's)
Purchasing and Data Sharing Agreements (DSA's)

In this webinar, Jonathan and Frankie will present angles from both purchasing and technology regarding having a common/standard document or form that’s used whenever bids are received or purchases made and when there may be the potential for data exchanges. Some districts craft unique language based on ‘per’ purchase or bid item and this takes an enormous amount of work from both the purchasing and technical sides to review to ensure they language meets requirements so that data is not inappropriately shared or released. Having a common document will not only reduce workloads on both, but assist with mitigating risks regarding shared data.

Purchasing and Data Sharing Agreements (DSA's)

Original Presentation: July 28, 2022
Presenters: Jonathan Bey, RTSBA Purchasing, TASBO; Frankie Jackson, RTSBA Technology, TASBO

Target Audience: Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Purchasing
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