2020 Synergy- Virtual

UPDATE: Synergy is a fully virtual event. 

Part 1: Monday, November 16 | 8:45 AM - 12:30 PM
Part 2: Tuesday, November 17 | 8:55 AM - 12:30 PM
Part 3: Wednesday, November 18 | 8:55 AM - 12:30 PM

This event, co-hosted by TASBO and TCASE, is aimed at both finance and special education sides of the district and how they can work together. The program will include expert presenters on MOE, state funding, and more. Academies provide an industry level scope of current events, upcoming legislation, best practices, disruptive forecasting, and strategies for ensuring quality business official standards. Leaders in each professional track serve as Committee Officers. Annually, these members meet to identify, develop, and maintain a rigorous Academy Agenda. Session leaders include administrators from best practice districts and key partners from regulatory agencies, legal firms, and innovators within the industry.

Academy attendance is a way to ensure you are abreast of annual changes impacting your Texas School Business Official role and create a network of professional peers for support throughout the school year.

No prerequisite required to register. No handouts will be distributed.

CEU/CPE: 9/10.5

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations must be sent IN WRITING by email to register@tasbo.org or fax (512.462.1782). Cancellations received seven (7) working days before the event will be refunded in full; cancellations received one to six working days before the event will be refunded at 50 percent; and cancellations received the day of the event will not be refunded. If you do not cancel and do not attend, you are still responsible for payment.

With questions about your REGISTRATION, please call 512.628.1283 or email register@tasbo.org 
With questions about PAYMENTS or INVOICES, please call 512.617.0074 or email register@tasbo.org 
11/16/2020 8:45 AM - 11/18/2020 12:30 PM
Remote, TX