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Compensation Costs/Time & Effort for Your Fed. Procedures

The EDGAR regulations, specifically §200.430, allow compensation and benefit costs with federal grant funds for services performed during the grant period, subject to the following: 1) reasonable compensation costs, 2) paid accordance to established written policy; 3) follows the same appointment written policies, and 4) costs are supported with documentation. Although every district may have a written School Board Policy related to compensation, i.e. DEA Local, not every district may have written procedures or a Compensation Plan for allowable compensation costs. The webinar will provide guidance related to topics such as pay scales, job descriptions, stipend pay, absence and timekeeping procedures and time & effort regulations. Sample forms and procedures will be shared with attendees. CE 1/CPE 1
4/16/2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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