TASBO has secured room blocks at a number of hotels in Houston. Click the "reserve your room" button below to see all available options.  


  • Reservations are accepted online only and will not be taken by phone. 
  • An individual can make up to three reservations in their name but each must be done separately.
  • Most of the hotels require a deposit of one night's room stay plus tax charged at the time you secure your room.
  • Availability is subject to change due to cancellations or room additions; click on the reservation links to check for availability. 


Housing Piracy is a dangerous issue throughout the convention industry and TASBO does not want you to be a victim. Please protect yourself and avoid anyone posing as a housing company for TASBO as they ARE NOT approved by the organization. There is a real risk of losing your deposit, credit card information and having no room available upon arrival if you book using their fraudulent services. Exercise caution so you do not put yourself at risk. Only book your reservation with the links TASBO provides to ensure your room is safely secured in one of our official hotels.

Please call 512.462.1711 if you have any questions regarding the validity of any hotel marketing calls or emails you have received.